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Panel / Sectional Doors

Gliderol PanelGlide Sectional Doors

Free Measure & Quote!

Call, text or Email. We'll come out and discuss options with you, free of charge. Obligation free quotes.

Design your door online!

Take a photo of your garage. Upload it to the Design Centre. Choose the design that suits your home.

Automatic Technology Motors with a 7 Year Warranty

We don't bother with anything but the best quality Automatic Technology (ATA) sectional door motors. More information about the motors that we stock here.

Brisbane made Gliderol Garage Doors. 

Gliderol are our preferred supplier of Sectional Garage Doors. They're a nation wide supplier, with a major factory in Pinkenba Brisbane. They have been making state of the art garage doors for over 40 years with the quality to match B&D Garage Doors but at a fraction of the price.

What is a Sectional Garage Door?

Sectional Garage Doors (Also known as Panel Doors) are the most popular kind of garage door. They consist of of 4 to 5 separate panels assembled with hinges. They are cost effective, versatile and reliable. Rapid Garage Doors Brisbane can provide many styles of sectional garage doors.

Manufacturing Waiting Time

Sectional Garage Doors are made to order. Waiting times vary depending on demand and the time of year. However, the usual waiting time is 2-3 weeks with a usual peak of 4 Weeks

Installation Time

It takes approximately 2 hours to install a standard sectional door in ideal conditions.

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Why choose Rapid Garage Doors Brisbane?

We're a small company. We appreciate your business and we want to impress you and your friends, so we get more business. We understand that you want a hassle free process, and honest quality service. We'll take care of you and your door. Our workmanship and products are the best we can supply.

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