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Top 5 Reasons to use Rapid Garage Doors Brisbane

Living in Brisbane, it is hard to find a professional service that takes the time and care to do the job right. We're a small business that pride ourselves on QUALITY not quantity. We take pride in every job we do.

Number 1: Our Staff and Core Values

We are all polite, tidy and efficient workers. We clean up after ourselves and put everything back in it's place. I personally am appalled by the amount of dishonest tradesman in Brisbane. We strive to be the most reliable and honest service around! That means you won't be ripped off, lied to or told that your motor requires servicing every year.

Number 2: We use high quality products and tools

Here at Rapid Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on quality. This is a promise. Part of this promise is affordable high quality products. We stock a FULL RANGE of ATA (Automatic Technology Australia) and Gliderol products. 

Number 3: Our work is meticulous and complete

Every home is treated with care and respect.  No job is left unfinished, and each and every nut and bolt is inspected before we leave the home to ensure the best quality. We leave every door running as smooth as possible, because we would want the same if it were our own home.  

Number 4: 24/7 Emergency Callouts

Is your door in a dangerous position? Or perhaps it won't close and you need to get to work. Whatever your need may be, we can come out any time of the day for service and repair your door. If your door is damaged beyond repair, we'll get you out of trouble and give you a FREE MEASURE AND QUOTE for your replacement options.

Number 5: Easy and worry free experience

Your Garage Door experience is simple, fast, easy, and a job well done.  The first step is calling and scheduling your free quote.  The second step and receiving your free estimate and scheduling your appointment date.  We show up, get the job done, and you are left smiling on your driveway! The choice is simple just like your experience will be!

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